Chord Assist

An accessible smart guitar for the blind, deaf and mute

Chord Assist is a guitar powered by the Google Assistant that provides blind, deaf and mute users a way to learn the guitar in an accessible manner. The guitar uses a refreshable braille display ,microphone, speaker, LCD screen and 4-digit segment display to allow different users to interact with the guitar in an accessible manner.

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This feels like such a novel idea, and the execution is so interesting. Very inspiring project Joe!


I just think this is such a cool, thoughtful product!


It's not mass produced

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Hi there, thanks for being here to checkout chord assist 😄 Playing music brought so much to my life and I hate the thought of others missing out on such a thing because of one of these conditions. Whilst it may currently be slightly accessible, how can we make this better and explore a new way of learning music using all this great and open technology that we have? It is estimated that there are at ~285 million people in the world who are partially sighted. For people who have disabling hearing loss we are looking at around ~466 million. And when it comes to people are are deaf-blind, I struggled to find worldwide statistics. I found that there are ~390,000 people in the UK, which is 0.6% of the UK population — worldwide that would likely be even bigger. And this is exactly where the idea came from for the Chord Assist guitar. Chord Assist takes the Google Assistant and various other google technologies, to create a guitar powered by voice, visuals and braille. All three of these together will hopefully help to reduce the friction that may be experienced throughout the process of learning an instrument. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear any thoughts and comments 😃
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