Your AI Chef that helps you cook dishes in perfect time

Pretty cool startup in London. Mobile app which helps people (like me :P) cook multiple dishes at the same time by working what to do when across the different recipes, automatically. Pretty clever
Hi Product Hunters! I'm JinA, one of the founders of CHOPCHOP. We just launched on the App Store this week for the first time! In a nutshell, CHOPCHOP is a smart cooking app that helps you cook any combination of dishes for your meal. The idea is to translate and automate how an experienced chef plans and cooks multiple dishes efficiently. You can simply choose the different dishes you want to cook in CHOPCHOP, and the algorithm will merge these multiple recipes into an optimal cooking sequence and guide you through it step-by-step with photos and voice-activated guidance. Instead of presenting the same static recipe for individual dish, we provide a "game plan" for your meal, where the order of steps will vary and change based on how you want to cook: what combinations of dishes you're cooking, when your desired serving times are, how far in advance you're preparing, how many people you're cooking for, etc. We built the algorithm from scratch from our research in quantum physics and biological optimisation. We started building the product about a year ago after winning Startup Weekend London. It's our first app, and we'll be making updates every week to improve the user experience. Download and check it out now on your iPad & iPhone: Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
Hmm is this the start of when the term A.I. gets cloudier and cloudier?
Is this just timing the recipes?
Mastered new way of cooking duck breasts with ChopChop. It has great recipes, step by step guidance, timers that alert you while cooking and intros to special cooking techniques, with a tasty meal at the end. Enjoyed using it. Felt like a pro chef.