Swipe and discover the music you like (iOS)

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Hi guys, Founder of Choosic here. Thanks for sharing Violeta. I'm glad you like the product, we're working hard on making improvements, bringing the app to Android, Windows and Web and we'd gladly take any feedback on board. In terms of how Choosic works, we actually aggregate content from over 600 tastemakers and then run it through our recommendation engine to get the best of algorithmic and curated recommendations. I'm looking forward to hear what other people think :D !
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@chrisunderdown What's the need for logging in with Facebook? Does it use your Likes to create the playlist?
@shanev Not yet, but we have plans for the future to recommend music from friends, so having it integrated from the get-go really helps.
How is this free?! It looks super cool. Gives you daily recommendation for new music and learns your taste based on your swipes. Basically, it's Tinder for music. I want it for Android, please!
@v4violetta Maybe the data itself is valuable to them--knowing that Kendrick Lamar listeners also swipe right on Death Cab for Cutie (ha) might be good for either artist's record label.
@v4violetta it's possible that soundcloud is involved
@v4violetta @jackrometty Yeah it is :D. We aggregate the track info from blogs and tastemakers (similar to The Hype Machine) then stream it from Soundcloud.
Excellent product, flawlessly executed.
I love music! But, after I heard one song 1000 times, I really need some variety. And the spotify collections contain to many songs I don't like. And I don't have the time to create one for me. So I'm superexcited for choosic and I already downloaded the App. Why the Login via Facebook? Can I see my friends' recommendations? I love the 'tinderlike' UX!
@manuel_brun Thanks Manuel. Thats the exact problem we are aiming to solve. There's a lot more work in the pipeline, one feature being recommendations from your friends and validating song based on what your friends have liked.
If you're ever in London, we host chilled out networking events with live music (from emerging artists) every quarter called "Plugged", it's a really nice vibe. Or feel free to pop over to our office and have a chat and we'll treat you to some quality new music and coffee :)