Discover combinations of colors & fonts for your brand.

ChooseDaFont is an online design tool that allows you to to easily discover & create combinations of fonts and colors.
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A product made by the team at @Cevagraf
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I think it is easy to use, a pro tool and free most of the main use. I like it


Easy to use and nice design


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Hello hunters! The team and I at @Cevagraf just released this design tool which we think it will help you discover amazing fonts & quickly test how a text would look like with a specific color or style. Hope you guys like it and if so, make sure to support our project by upvoting this product and spreading the word on social media :) Got questions or feedback? Drop them in the comments!
Hi Samantha, i go to try the tool now! But i look these pics of the gallery and the design are amazing.
@kayla_alba Thank you for leaving your thoughts, hope you will find this tool useful!