Alexa skill for kids that makes tooth brushing fun

Chompers is an Alexa skill that makes it easy to get your kids to brush their teeth.

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This is awesome, @nbashaw and team. What was the ideation process like? Curious how you identified this specific problem.
@nickabouzeid Thank you!! The original idea actually came out of a hackathon that P&G did, and we loved it so much we decided to work on it together. One of the most tricky parts was keeping it simple. With Alexa skills, there is no app icon, you can't scroll through a list of things, and there are no notifications. So we had to keep it extremely simple. The one element we did add (besides the content itself) was a "streaks" functionality to support the toothbrushing habit.
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@nbashaw Woo! Very cool. Excited to see what skills you cook up next.
Love this @nbashaw. Was this made as part of the Alex Skills Challenge Kids contest?
@duncan_lewis No, but we love a lot of those skills!
Love the idea of contextual podcasting - really creates that daily trigger! Well done @nbashaw and Gimlet team

It is fun and really helpful!


My nephew loves this!!!


There is no