Chocolate Selfie

Give the gift of your selfie, in chocolate!

The video is really... pretty bad. It never shows the chocolate selfie! Only photos! I have no idea what this does! (I mean I get it, but not from watching the video)
@chrismessina Video is definitely from the category "Templates for After Effects" or so. I get the idea and it reminds me heavily on "Your photos on marshmallows"
This is so weird, but also pretty funny. I would definitely send this as a gag gift.
Cool product idea! What the fudge was that video? I hope they aren't pudding that up as their only marketing material!
That's kind of a sweet find! ;) (Sorry I had to)
I am going to be very honest about this. After watching the video 10 times, I think this is a way to give pictures a chocolate overlay (make you a black person). Which is cool and funny! Since I am already black, I am not sure what it would do to one of my pictures:-) My second guess is it is a way to put your face on a piece of chocolate and send it to someone. Can someone tell me what it is?