Chmod Command Calculator

Easiest way to generate file or directory permissions

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Hola product hunters! This one's for all the developers out there :) What does Chmod calculator do? Makes setting file permissions super quick and easy with a swugly UI for those who appreciate that kind of thing. Who is Chmod calculator for? For developers working with unix based systems. You know who you are... Why use Chmod calculator? Chmod command was created so you never have to struggle with the headaches of trying to remember which permissions did what exactly. . . And let’s be honest, no one ever remembers them. . . Ever. . . Anything else worth mentioning? The ‘extra chmod command options’ section makes life simple a few times a year (which is when you’ll thank the lord for bookmarking chmod command). Anyway. . . Stop reading this comment now and take chmod command for a spin. Honest and blunt feedback is always appreciated
Swag or sh*t? Feedback anyone?
Good work. Simple but awesome. Only the share icons are a bit large :D
@pnkxx Thanks. Exactly what we were going for! "simple but awesome"
Chmod command calculator was born from the idea of more easily creating file and folder permissions as part of a web developer/designer workflow. It helps you use the chmod modes without the need of trying to remember the number combinations yourself. Let me know any feature request or feedback!



Super !


Nothing bad