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Chirr App πŸ’¬ splits text into tweets and posts it as a thread

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Nice! Any thought about adding an auto numbering sort of thing? Like "1/" and "2/" etc?
@swetzequity good idea! I want to keep this version as simple as possible and release such features in pro version.
@swetzequity @kossnocorp This is my thought as well. Many people use variations like "(#)" to start each tweet, so formatting the auto-numbering would be smart. Not sure I would ever pay for such a pro version though personally; it's too easy to post this way in the app, but your app is still a timesaver.
@swetzequity @marctytus good point, I would consider making such stuff available for free. I don't want to people pay for nonsense, yet to advance the app and make it better I need the money source. What would you make you pay for the pro version?
@swetzequity @kossnocorp Only thing I can think that I can't do on my own is scheduling "tweet storms" (for lack of a better word).
@marctytus thanks, this is useful!
Hey, everyone! Chirr App πŸ’¬ is a web app that helps to plan and publish Twitter threads. It splits your text into tweet-sized chunks and posts it as a thread. I built it to scratch my itch: it's unacceptably hard to post Twitter threads 😀. I love threads! They allow expressing much more than a single tweet and let you hear opinions outside of your social circle. But Twitter makes it a hustle. You have to write the text in an editor and then incrementally copy-paste it to the "Compose new Tweet" modal, making edits along the way. It breaks the flow and leads to mistakes! Chirr App allows you to see the final picture and also helps you to organize the tweets by breaking the text in the best way possible. The app is built on top of Firebase and mostly static, it has just a single cloud function that posts the threads. Because it doesn't have a DB, and your tokens won't be stored, it's secure. It's also open source: The app is free. I want to validate the idea, and if it has traction, I'll build paid pro version with extra features like native apps, scheduled posting, image & video attachments, reply threads, etc. πŸ“’ I'm looking for feedback and would love to hear that you want to see in the pro version ❀️
@kehers cool to actually see that the market exists! I googled hard but didn't find anything similar. Thank you for sharing! Do you use this app?
@kossnocorp Also see Dave Winer's Little Pork Chop at
@awolber thanks!
@kossnocorp Is the app responsive?
this is cool, easy to create threads
@thenosh thank you! Would you use/prefer mobile or desktop app?
Seeing as how people start to do more threaded tweets on Twitter, this surely is a timesaver. I love how it works tough, very simple. Now I don't have to worry about character limits and just speak out all the nonsense in my head. Good initiative. Take my upvote.
@fouad_tolaib thanks! Please tell me if you have any feature requests!