High protein, low fat, gluten free Cricket chips

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Ugur Kaner
Creative. Building
Instead of potato or corn, Chirps are baked as a mix of ground beans, rice and cricket powder. The result is a bag of chips with more protein than an egg (7g). FTW!
James LeeEngineer solving problems.
Can you share the nutritional facts?
Will Imholte
Designer, Prime
Interesting that the first cricket product they are launching is a chip replacement, but the emissions comparison is a cricket vs beef. Part of me thinks this is lightly misleading—or at the very least cherry picking the best possible comparison for the website, and another part of me is excited to assume that this is where they are headed. I would love to try a cricket burger. Still, I'd love to see comparisons between cricket and corn in terms of production costs etc. And also see a percentage breakdown of the chirps, are they primarily black bean chips with a touch of cricket?
Spencer Schoeben
College dropout working on something new