Chirp for Twitter

Screenshot and tweet article quotes with one click

Cool side project by Point's @shwinnabego & co! With Chirp you can see Twitter conversations right on the page you're visiting + Highlight, screenshot and post content to Twitter in one click. When you follow a link from Twitter, you’ll see the main tweet and any replies in a sidebar on that page. You can join the conversation directly from there. Ashwinn can tell you more!
@bramk @shwinnabego this looks great! A cool evolution of what Twitshot ( does – can't wait to use it!
@ow @shwinnabego only thing I had to do after downloading the extension was to connect my Twitter account,
@ow thanks owen! When you install the extension, there should be a pop-up window that prompts you to login with Twitter - did this not seem to happen?
@shwinnabego @ow I got that pop-up but it does not work. Says it logged me in, but it does not. And when you try to use tool, when you hit tweet, it does the same (log in / but does not log in). So I cant use this extension. :(
@mattnavarra @ow thanks for catching this, and sorry it's happening! Looking into the bug now
Terrific screenshot-composer UI. OneShot for the web. Nice work!
@covrter thanks andrew!
Thanks @bramk! @Philly__D and I have been working on this for a couple of weeks. It’s a Twitter-powered chrome extension that lets you highlight, screenshot and tweet in one-click from any webpage. Additionally, when you follow a link from Twitter, the relevant tweet and replies will show in a sidebar on the page, so you can read and reply without losing context. We hope you find it useful, and if there's any feedback (bugs, improvements, etc.) please let us know!
This is an awesome tool, thanks! No more screenshot -> open Twitter -> upload photo -> write tweet -> send. Works really well to send valuable content to Twitter.
@levibostian glad you like it, levi! let us know if you run into any issues or have ideas for improvement :)
Where were you when I needed you yesterday? 👍