Desktop twitter-lite application

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Whoa, cool! Does it wrap twitter's mobile web client?
@techwraith yep! Twitter's new site performs at app like speeds, so using native UI from electron (vibrancy) I was able to make things look a prettier 🐦
@jackhanford I am gonna send a pull request shortly, added a lot of new stuff :D
@mehedih_ wow awesome! I'll take a look / likely merge once I'm awake (1-2hours)
@mehedih_ @jackhanford this just makes me happy. Open Source at it's finest. Product is released and someone adds a pull request hours later.
@xcadaverx a big PR too. Lots of great additions 👏
Excellent job. People may give you grief because of Electron, but it doesn't bother me and adds a lot of value.
@j_jason_bell really appreciate it ❤️️!
Does this take advantage of Twitter Lite?
@gabriel__lewis Yep! It's built off of Twitter Lite!
Looks nice. But, does it really need to use Google Analytics as well?
@frassmith The only tracking is just for me to see how many people are potentially using this thing. It's all entirely anonymous, and only first once during the boot