Order Chipotle via SMS

#5 Product of the DayJuly 16, 2016
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Fun idea. Practical?
@thorpus the goal was to see if people would save and order via a hash code. Like an Amazon dash button using SMS.
Tried it out, very buggy. I received the first reply text 3x and after going through a webUI to create a default, it automatically placed the order instead of just saving it as a preference When I tried to cancel the order with "Cancel" in the SMS dialogue, it canceled the service, not the order. NLU makes a lot more sense than these hard-specified commands.
@nerditry Hey! Thanks for trying and sorry about your experience. Got a ton of traffic and are ramping up to scale it a bit more! Hope you understand and thanks for the feedback.
@harpreet_marwaha Completely understand. HMU on Twitter?
@nerditry yes - just followed you. i am @partypreet (my dj name). Thanks!
This is amazing. Would love to help turn this into a full-blown app