World's loudest bluetooth tracker with replaceable batteries

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If you're looking for something less loud, Tile Mate just launched their $25 tracker. Chipolo should probably be in the pranking topic. 😁
@rrhoover I personally like better the way Chipolo Plus looks ! It looks like a coin, comes in different colours.. 🎨 β˜€οΈ
It is also in the same price range and waterproof.... I like Chipolo better πŸ˜ƒ
@rrhoover check out @ourielohayon's comment. This might be better than Tile in at least one way.
@andrewwarner @rrhoover @ourielohayon There are two versions of the product and both cost $24.99.. - Chipolo Plus (water resistant) and designed to last 12 months, it's battery is not replaceable, no charegable.. - Chipolo Classic, with replaceable batteries but no water resistant.
@andrewwarner @rrhoover @ourielohayon for Chipolo Plus customers have a chance to replace the old device for a new one for $12 after a year, costs of returns and delivery are taking care by Chipolo...
I was immediately more attracted to this than Tile because: (1) battery is replaceable, (2) circle design simply looks better. I also like the sticky pad ideas, though I probably won't attach to anything.
That got my confused for a second when I read it as "Chipotle Plus"
Hoping to get some to review on my blog! (http://thenerdystudent.blogspot....)