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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 30, 2016

Chipmunk WordPress Theme is tailored to meet the increased demand for curated content. Carefully crafted with the user in mind, to aid in great content discovery.

Greatly inspired by awesome sites like and

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I could’ve never imagined people would be so inspired with Startup Stash to actually build dozens of copy’s for other subjects, let alone build a whole WP theme to make it easier! Thanks @piotrkulpinski and @janwennesland, I think myself + @bentossell and @craigjbarber (and the other awesome people who've created their own stash) would've had much help with this theme!
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Hey guys, A huge thanks to @bramk for hunting us, the godfather of curated sites! Chipmunk Theme was co-created with @piotrkulpinski in response to the increased demand for curated content. Carefully crafted with the user in mind, to aid in great content discovery. We believe everyone should have the possibility to collect and share their best online resources with ease. Let us know what you think 😄
@janwennesland bought. Haven't gotten a great chance to play with it since we are harvesting soybeans but any chance in future update the ability to change on a per item level the "visit website" button?
@natelegler Thanks for buying :) Yes, thats definitely something we will put in our backlog.
Hi everyone. Thanks @bramk for the hunt and @janwennesland for an awesome collaboration! We made sure the theme is properly tested but if you spot any issues I'm here to help. Also, if you have any questions of suggestions regarding the theme or our landing page - let me know and I'll try to answer. Any feedback is highly appreciated!
@piotrkulpinski thanks - and nice work - any chance you could allow users to include an image in submissions to ease the burden on curators and admins?
@passingnotes oh, and ratings may be quite useful as a sorting feature on busy and crowded categories
@passingnotes Great idea! Actually we received the same suggestion through the email recently so it's going to be added in the near future for sure! Thanks!
Geeeeeez couldn't have made this last year when I was building mine?? 😛
@bentossell Hehe wish we could turn back time to be there for you then 😛
I think it's a good idea to show you the list of future ideas we're planning to implement and the direction that this product will be going. Aside from the latest suggestions that were given by Product Hunters, we're planning to add following features: - Implement an ability to add custom fields to resource submissions (let's say someone wants to build a directory of curated WP themes and wants to display their price somewhere, so extra field to enter resource price would be helpful). - Add some kind of filtering on resource listing pages (this will make sense when we have some more advanced custom fields ready - see above) - Implement new page templates (Contact, FAQs and maybe some others) - JavaScript validation for newsletter and submission forms - Allow to add longer resource description - Add ability to sort featured resources Please keep the suggestions coming as they'll help us make the theme as good and user-friendly as possible. And thanks for the great feedback so far!