Easily raise money for charity using Slack

Chip makes it easier for workplaces to raise money for charity – just type /chip into Slack and start chipping in.

Jai Mitchell
Megan Griffiths
Grace McCarter
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  • Grace McCarter
    Grace McCarterStudio Assistant, Josephmark

    Simple, quick and easy so people can flick donations without breaking focus/flow at work too much, which is ideal. Wish I'd had Chip sooner!


    I wish Slack was able to facilitate drop-down menus.

    Disclaimer - I work at Josephmark. However, we tested it at the JM office and it caught on well and worked an absolute treat.

    Grace McCarter has used this product for one month.
Hey there! Brock here from Josephmark – a digital product studio with offices in Brisbane, Los Angeles, Stockholm and Sydney. Our goal with Chip was to create a simple and effective Slack app to enable anyone in an office space to easily raise money for charity. Users can just type /chip into Slack and start chipping in. The idea stemmed from a niggling need for this app within our own team, so we knew we’d dig it when it was done. Do you, though? We’d love to know what you think.
Great job!! 😊
The video doesn’t explain where the Slack user types their financial details in.