An awesome way to ask your friends questions anonymously

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Hi David! I love the logo!! I was able to install app with no problem. Looks like a fun procrastination weapon to add to my arsenal. Thanks.
@leasemolina Glad you enjoyed it. I would suggest trying it out with one or two friends, and then if you like it, you can invite more. To add friends the phone does use your contacts so a few people have signed up without allowing the app to access their contacts. So just check on that if you don't see any friends yet! Also let me know if there are any features or changes you would like to see, feedback is always great!
@deejaxsun Yes, I saw the "add contacts" option. I purposely did not allow app access. I will add people later in the week individually. I forgot to mention I'm an old. My IRL friends don't do "apps" or "technology." I'm the one that sets up and fixes their computers. But I think Hubby might be more supportive. 😀
Hey Everyone, My name is David Jackson and I’m a rising junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Spanish at Stanford University. I’m really excited to announce the release of Chimpchat, an iOS app I wrote for asking friends questions anonymously. When you ask a friend an anonymous question on Chimpchat, you can also give them funny answers to choose from. It's fun, addictive, and a great way to know what's on your friends' minds!
And here's the link to the app on the store:
Hi David, I tried using the app....but just got stuck at the verification screen cos after 4 tries I still didn't get a verification code. Totally get it that it may be some temporary bug..would be good if you get the team to look into it and fix :) Cheers to the way ahead! Maggie
@meghu Hi, thanks so much for trying it out! If you don't have SMS that could be the problem; Twilio's logs look good. But I will definitely look into this. If you still want access, I can probably personally help you with the verification part. Just let me know. SMS is an easy way to onboard users but it can be finicky. In any case if you want to let me know the name on your account I'm sure I can help you out. If you don't feel comfortable saying that here, you can shoot an email to Another thing to do is just delete the app and then download it and log in (no need to sign up again) and hopefully the SMS will come through then! Thanks, David
@deejaxsun also I have problems with the verification part, if you have a non US number. You can choose the country but you are still checking if the number is valid based on US standard (and can not even enter full numbers that are longer than US numbers)
@cpuricelli Hey, I'm on it. I'll push a version to the store for review with this fix today. Thanks for the catch.
@deejaxsun Thanks David...I'll try deleting and downloading again. If i doesn't work this time round...will shoot you an email :)
@cpuricelli The fixes you pointed out are now implemented as part of Version 1.0.1 I appreciate the heads up :)