Chimp List Helper

A tiny tool to help manage pending subscribers in MailChimp

Chimp List Helper is a tiny tool to help manage your pending subscribers in MailChimp.

You can use it to see everyone who signed up for your email list but never confirmed their email address and manually confirm them yourself or remove them.

Note: it is not endorsed by, affiliated with, or directly related to MailChimp.

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Hello Product Hunters! Cory the maker here. Last week MailChimp switched all of its default forms from double opt-in to single opt-in ( For many people managing small newsletters this was great news, making it much easier for people to sign up for your list without any extra complicated steps. This tool allows you to see everyone who is still stuck in that pending "double opt-in" state, and manually sign them up or delete them from your list. You can use it once to clear out the queue and then live happily ever after in a single-opt-in world. I made this for myself after getting emails from people who told me they subscribed for my newsletter but had failed to confirm their address. I hope it's useful for you too!
Thank you Cory! I've been having trouble with Mailchimp as well, but this will be super helpful for our newsletter based service! (Double-opt default created so much agony for my team already..)
@bluedotred you're welcome! glad it helps!