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@vikramrajan Hi Vikram. Here are some points that highlight the differences between Genius Web Annotator and ChimeIn. We broke this down in five areas: 1. Purpose Genius - One must select text on the page for annotation. Ideal use cases for this are collaboration or analyzing song lyrics for example, but we find that handling and reading could be more intuitive. ChimeIn - Simple to use when commenting and sharing. It's like an embedded commenting platform, but on all the web pages. -- 2. Technology In our trial we found that Genius alters each page the user visits after installation and every link on every page thereafter. We also read about some the safety concerns that were brought up on The Verge last month. ChimeIn - There are no security risks with ChimeIn. -- 3. Compatibility Genius - Works well on Chrome. Other browsers demonstrated limited functionality. We couldn't find a mobile version. ChimeIn - Works at 100% response with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Edge (coming soon). We have mobile versions for ChimeIn on iOS and Android. -- 4. Account Handling Genius - Facebook, Twitter, G+ Accounts are connected. ChimeIn - Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit. Accounts are independent for privacy reasons. -- 5. Notifications Genius - None ChimeIn - Chrome and Android. Safari, Firefox and iOS coming soon. We hope that we have answered your question. Let us know if you have any others. Best, The ChimeIn Team