Chime Credit Builder

A new way to build credit

A brand new way to build credit with no fees, 0% APR, and no credit check to apply.
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4 years ago i started Pinch to tackle millennial financial stability with @maiab. We dug deep into credit and learned how important it was to pricing car insurance, lending, but also access to jobs and housing. But 10s of Millions of Americans are incorrectly scored. After years of product iteration, an acquisition by @Chime, and years more of perfecting the experience, we've built a brand new financial product to make credit accessible to everyone. During our beta period, we enrolled 200,000 Americans, and demonstrated our impact - check out member testimonials and the results of a study we did with Transunion on our landing page linked.
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Congrats on the launch! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Any referral sign-up codes??
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@itsbrex after joining the waitlist in the Chime app, refer a friend to Chime and you'll be shot to the top of the list for our next wave of enrollments!
The "Apply Now" link going straight to a page designed for desktops with a captcha is a pretty serious roadblock. ?makers is this intended?
@troy_kelly1 hmm, where is the captcha? you should be able to join chime on web or mobile. adding yourself to the credit builder waitlist is only available on mobile. which step are you trying to do?
@maiab the very first step.. from the app. Shoot me an email and I can send you screen caps
I was reading about this this morning. It's a really cool idea. I never knew credit cards were one of the sources of credit scoring. Cool to see a product that is aiming to help young people manage their finances and most importantly their credit score!
Absolutely not. Chime is a shady company with horrible management practices. Last year an outage left thousands of people without access to funds for days. And chime has held my funds for 2 years refusing to close my account. Sorry, but itโ€™s a hard no.