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The new easy way to find, book & pay a pre-vetted babysitter

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Hey guys — I'm VP Product at Sittercity, and we've been working on making Chime a reality for quite some time now. While Sittercity works well for finding ongoing care, like an after-school sitter or nanny, it's challenging for both parents and sitters to find more occasional, one-off jobs, like a date night, or for a quick hour or two on a weekend. With Chime we've not only streamlined the user experience, but we've also handpicked the sitters (met them in-person, along with a number of screens and checks). So this is really the cream of our sitter crop, and they’re available on shorter notice. If you're in DC, Boston, Chicago or NYC, please give it a try. You can message me individually for a discount code. We'd love to hear your feedback after you give it a try. Thanks!
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I'm a user and love this service. As new parents, my wife and I are rarely able to plan far enough ahead to book a sitter. Being able to find someone the day before or day of is huge. Also, when I travel or have to work late, I love giving my wife a second set of hands to help in the evening when I can't be there.
@drewvolpe this is a really good use case, and a great way for your family to meet a new sitter. If you like her (and she's available), it's really easy to rebook your favorites.
Would be great to hear from someone at SitterCity on what prompted the product, and the journey in launching it.
Hi all, finding a high quality babysitter that moment that you and your SO decide to be spontaneous can definitely throw a wrench in your plans...but not any longer! The folks at SitterCity vet their best babysitters and make them available ON DEMAND. Lifesaver. Marriage Saver.
@idealexit Thanks! Glad you like it. Feel free to reach out to me directly with any other feedback or suggestions.
Awesome product: exactly what I need as a parent with an unpredictable schedule of work-related meetings. I have two on-demand sitters, but every now and then both of them are busy on the same day when I need help. A market place solution is a great idea, as you can draw from a bigger pool of pre-vetted sitters. Kids' age might be an important consideration though: not sure I would use it for a newborn or a toddler.
@katerinafialkov great to hear - thanks! Chime is great for "building your bench", and I'm pretty sure you'll find someone who will reach your "go to" tier as well.