An interactive sound therapy app for meditation

ChillScape combines cognitive psychology, AI generated music and mesmerising graphics to create an experience that’s calming, fun and immersive.

Based on principles developed by sound therapists, ChillScape is designed to help slow heart rate, reduce blood pressure and lower levels of stress hormones. 🧘

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love the use of music to promote mindfulness


usability, enjoyment, calming


can't think of any

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Hiya - we're brothers Alex and Jonah and we made ChillScape together. We made it because we both tried meditation apps, but found the voice lead stuff distracting and hard to get into. We started the project by looking into cognitive psychology research about the types of sound and music that reduce stress and provide a sense of "flow". We built the generative sound engine around these principles. In particular: * Low tones, white noise and "organic" sound effects echo those found in the womb. * The soft "heat-beat" starts at 60 beats per minute and slows to 50. A phenomenon called "entrainment" means that the body will try to match this. * The background sound is always different and slowly evolves over the course of each session. * The melodies are algorithmically created to be fragmented and unpredictable. This prevents the mind trying to predict what's coming next. Meditation is about emotionally connecting with "now" and we felt that sound was a powerful way to give users a point of focus. We also added a bubble popping interaction to keep you engaged and give a sense of dissipating energy. Overall we're really happy how it turned out and some of the use cases have really surprised us. Some users have been using it to help with falling asleep and others are using on their train rides. Our dad has been using it as a warmup step before a “normal” meditation session. Look forward to your thoughts and ideas!
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Hey hunters! Just a FYI - as part of our PH launch - you can get ChillScape for just $1 (normally $2)! Enjoy chilling 😌
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Been wanting to get into meditating for a while now, I'll try this one out!
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@aaronoleary Let us know how you get on!
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Looks good to me! Never tried to meditate with my eyes open, but gonna try it anyways! Good job!
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@dltabrv it might be an interesting way to start your usual session :)