Chill N' Sound

Play and mix ambient sounds to boost productivity

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Paweł Waraksa
@pawelwaraksa · Product Designer / http://pawelwa.com/
Omg this is so sick! Awesome job! Can't wait to use it on Monday!
Yigit Pinarbasi
@yigitpinarbasi · Product Designer, Design Lead @epcsht
It seems like it does not work on Safari right now. 🤔
Johnnie Walker
@petrovicstefan · Web Developer
Chill n' Sound is one of my weekend projects. It was heavily inspired by Noisli and ASoftMurmur and is in no way meant to replace them. I chose to release it here since people that tested it after it was made enjoyed it very much. Hope you will enjoy this little app, and if you are a developer feel free to fork it and thinker with it over on Github. Note: … See more
Taha ahmed khan
@tahaqadri · Maker at d5Gravity.com
Awesome minimal UI