Chill for Pebble

The easiest way to ping your friends

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Hey hunters, great to be back here with a new Chill product! Today we are introducing Chill for Pebble- a tool that lets you communicate with peer Pebblers and other device owners in just a click. Chill is a way to ping your friends in a certain context using a special iconic language. Deadline coming? Send a πŸ• icon Sent an urgent email? Ping your co-worker with βœ‰ Reached a big milestone? Ping your peers with πŸ† You can Chill using Pebble, AppleWaych, AndroidWear, iOS or Android :) Get more Chilling opportunities here: 😎
Guys, me and Greg will be here all day to answer your questions :)
@dxripunov thanks mate :) happy you like Chill
Absolutely, any questions
@kirillchekanov Ping your peers with πŸ† if you reached a big milestone, of course :)
Nice! I use it on iOS... good to have some Pebblers on board
Big fan of Chill, great concept
@jmkni big fan of Orca, haha :) Miss you guys
:D Great to see this up here again!
@brianbest yeah, we are now literally on every platform you can think of :)
Pebble's tradition is to launch on Kickstarter- ours is to launch everything we build on Product Hunt 😏
@artgrosvil hahahha, yeah right πŸ˜‚