Chill 2.0

A fast and fun way to communicate

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I love how slash commands/magic words and every variation of them will no doubtedly be involved in our lives more and more, especially with the increased chat bots etc. One thing I find interesting is that there is no one format for these at the moment... one app uses one method, another uses a different one... I think /something will be the most common and surely there will be a standardised way of using them rather than having to remember different commands across different platforms. Otherwise it could cause friction. People wont want to remember a number of commands for every app they use. The use of icons here may help
@erictwillis, thanks for the feature! Hey Hunters, This is Kirill, one of the makers of Chill. At Chill we have discovered that there is a different fast and fun way to say things:  🚀#traffic - “Running late. Bad traffic" ⏰ #starbucks5 - “Starbucks in 5 min"  📞 #robert - “Don't forget to call Robert" You are restricted to sending an icon and a 10 symbol hashtag which is also a surprisingly effective way to communicate over wearable devices (all new iOS, Watch, Android and Wear apps). We have a special offer for Product Hunters: copy the promocode on the landing page and get a Product Hunt add on for Chill! I suggest each of us leaves their Chill nickname below so that we can chill all together 😜 Feel free to add me: kirill
@kirillchekanov @erictwillis my nickname is: artgrosvil :)
@kirillchekanov my nickname is 'artstyle' 😄 will be glad to new friends!
We use Chill to communicate with our team. If is fun, simple and saves time. @app_chill
I love the simplistic design! It's pretty similar to Yo but with an extra 12 characters of context
@marsh931 thanks! Check out 😂😜
@kirillchekanov Haha incredibly childish but I love it 🙈😂