ChiefOnboarding 2.0

Onboard new hires the easy way.

ChiefOnboarding is a simple solution to onboard your new hires. Onboard them through the dashboard or through Slack. Create Slack and Google accounts for them, award them with badges and let todo items drop in over time. Never overwhelm your new hire with information again!

Hello product hunters! Just over a year ago, I introduced the beta version of ChiefOnboarding. The version was very bare bone and looking back, I should have been at least slightly ashamed of what I put out back then, but hey, just like Reid Hoffman said: “If you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”. Now, a year later, it has grown quite a bit. Therefore, I am releasing ChiefOnboarding V2 today. ChiefOnboarding was born out of the frustration of getting onboarded poorly myself. Not knowing what to do or who to contact really set the tone for the period that I have been there. A couple of things that have been included ever since the beta launch: * Subdomains and the possibility to use your own domain * Improved Slack bot (this has been launched about 6 months ago, but has gotten some big upgrades, including the ability to gather information from your new hire through it) * Create accounts for Google and Slack automatically. * Create workflows. When one thing has been completed, award your new hire, add a new todo item and/or resource. * Create templates per new hire. Even better, group them together for specific functions or departments. * Login with Google. * Calendar items are automatically synced with their Google account. * Setup pages to educate, inform and gather data before the new hire’s first day. And so much more. Feel free to schedule a demo or sign up to check it out for yourself. Happy onboarding! - Stan Founder ChiefOnboarding
This sounds like very cool tool! Do you plan to integrate more tools?
@dominik_kugelmann definitely. Salesforce, Azure AD, Dropbox and many more!