Simple, fast and efficient employee onboarding

ChiefOnboarding is employee onboarding software. It simplifies the way employers onboard their employees. Making onboarding more pleasant.

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Hi guys, Thanks to Jack for hunting us! Thanks for checking out our webapp. We are currently in beta and would love some feedback. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us! The beta is currently completely open and free to use until we launch (probably early next year). Employee onboarding is really important. As they always say: A first impression is a lasting impression. ChiefOnboarding helps to make a great first impression. You can create a todo list, appointments, resources and even introduce people to your new hires. You can do that all within seconds from your own administation panel. Also, don't forget to like and follow us on facebook and twitter! Stan Founder ChiefOnboarding
I know of @web for his great newsletter on all things e-commerce (sign up here: but didn't realize he had a knack for company org. processes. @web, how'd this app come about?
@daveambrose There has been made a mistake by the hunter and therefore the wrong person was tagged as the maker. I have created this app. I came up with the app based on some brainstorming with a friend and also a bit of my own experience. I have never experienced a 100% smooth onboarding process yet. I am sure that this will help to onboard employees better and keep them longer.