Supplements + support for women suffering cystitis and UTIs.

It's rarely talked about, but over 50% of women have experienced the horrific pain of cystitis and UTIs. After a ton of research and testing on ourselves, we've created a subscription supplement product that reduces reoccurrence and a brand to raise awareness.
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Hi Hunters! No one want to be glued to a toilet seat for hours (even days), pissing what feel like razor blades. Yet for 2 in 5 women, this will probably be experienced more than once in their lives through no fault of their own. The Chickpea supplement is initially aimed at UK women and contains D-Mannose which is a sugar, not absorbed by the body, that helps flush out the problem-causing bacteria. The care pack subscription enables convenience - it's quite hard to get hold of and easy to forget if there are no symptoms for a while. Really though, the mission of Chickpea is to bring awareness to the cystitis-y misery that so many have to put up with. And because us sufferers tend to feel very embarrassed, suffering in silence, the scope of the issue is not well known enough. We've started a Medium publication too, 'Burning Issues', so stories and experiences can be shared. Let's be honest, if men suffered from UTIs half as often as women, there would be a lot more research done on it. However, this is an issue that affects men too: - You want your friends/girlfriends/partners to be healthy and happy - cystitis not only affects relationships but can also interrupt careers. - One of the most common prescriptions for antibiotics is for UTIs. Reducing UTIs will reduce the likelihood of antimicrobial resistance which could ultimately render antibiotics useless for us all. Would love to hear what you all think and if you have any other ideas!