A front-end url shortener without any database

#5 Product of the DayOctober 08, 2017

Chhota is a front-end url shortener without any database

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Weekend Project is up :D Chhota (Means small in Hindi) is a URL shortener that works completely in the front end without a database! The goal is to create a huge network of domains for link shortening. Anyone can add just a script URL to their index.html, and boom their domain supports URL shortening! It mirrors and makes it free and very easy to share custom branded URLs!
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@jajoosam Hi! Great tool and Like the name! :)
like the name. Hindi meaning of 'small' :)
@keyul Thanks :D The url is not so chhota though :p
@keyul in Argentina chhota ("chota") means the D word. Might be worth re-considering the brand name if that's one of your future markets.
Great job, Samarth! Interface's looking great.

To me this is nonsensical, this is only good for those sites that ask the user to wait for a couple of seconds and then redirect and Please stop using coinhive in Background ( I do look at your javascript console )


Allows you to Shorten URLs without db


it requires the whole page to load before it redirects.

Yeah, that's one issue, but I think it's fixable. Will work on it this week. Also I'm not using coinhive, why would you write that?
For a weekend project, it's very polished. Great job Samarth.
@saifalfalah I'm glad it looks polished :) Goal was to create a proof of concept kinda thing but glad to know it's something usable!