Watch the best DJs perform live, anywhere in the world.

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Met the Chew team whilst mentoring on the @ignite100 accelerator problem. Great team and product, helping DJ's get more exposure.
One of my favourite products right now - meets DJs. Great for artists, essential for those interested in studying the craft, and some quality visuals plus streaming for music fans. Love it. This is very much the MVP of Chew, so hopefully it can be re-hunted once the full site launches.
Hey everyone, thanks for all the upvotes! @benbowler and I run Chew - we launched yesterday. We've pushed a few fixes already (but are aware there are a few still needed). We're working on a tonne of new features for both broadcasters and viewers but it'd be great to hear your thoughts and feedback?
The Twitch comparison @paul_a_smith used, is apt. This also reminds me of @eriktorenberg's, a site and community for live rap battles. Would love to watch @alexbaldwin and @staringispolite on here sometime. :) @fatkidonfire - real-time social products are notoriously difficult to get right and require a lot of content creation (if "live" is truly important). How are you growing the community and bringing DJ's onboard?
Hey @rrhoover, that's a great question. We're working with DJs, labels and venues in the genres @benbowler and I have contacts in (EDM primarily - I run a record label amongst other things and Ben's a DJ) to prove the concept of the platform. We're also working with artists who are already live streaming (be that audio-only or audiovisual) to discover what issues exist with other services out there already. If all of that proves successful then we'll expand into other genres (or verticals long-term). Super exciting time!
Maker is a really interesting idea. I'd love to catch a battle on there. Really interested to see which genres grow as people come on board and use that to advise our strategy.
@paul_a_smith @eriktorenberg @alexbaldwin @fatkidonfire @rrhoover In addition to what others are saying, I like that this opens up avenues for "bedroom DJs" to gain an audience, and for fans like myself to potentially see more "behind the curtain". I'd almost be more excited to see someone in the studio or playing with transitions, as opposed to an actual show. I'm curious how DJs are setting this up. I'm having trouble imagining a location for my laptop where I could use it for DJing AND have its camera on my NS7. Would love to see some example setups
@staringispolite so pleased you got the bedroom DJs/ experience link - that's where we want to be! It'd be great to have the shows, but it'd also be awesome to see the technical expertise that goes into mix as well. As far as setups go, we're currently running a wideangle USB webcam and USB audio from Ben's Pioneer controller. We've been streaming tonight so the archive will be up tomorrow. I'll tweet it to you so you can see how it looks!
@fatkidonfire Awesome. That explains the complexity I found in the docs. In that case, I love that you simplified the first-time streaming experience so cleanly! If the webcam worked I really would have been up and running in a minute. Something that comes to mind: I'm an engineer and even my eyes are glossing over a bit at understanding and comparing gear options. I'm curious if you'd thought at all about simplifying with bundles? Say 3 levels, beginner, advanced, and pro, each with their own single-button purchase? Soylent did something like this for their community recipes: one button added 12 items to your Amazon cart, users got a simpler way to get more deeply involved, and Soylent got affiliate revenue. For you guys, it might be a button that adds the webcam and mic you use. Just a thought. ps. I randomly ended up on the FKOF session on Korrupt's channel. Great stuff. Looking forward to that archive link!
This is awesome, first thing that comes to mind is real potential as something to be streamed on a tv during parties/bars/smaller clubs if the audio quality is there. I hope this blows up with some real talent registering. Little worried about a chicken/egg issue with getting eyeballs but sweet idea, good luck
@garnerwendt that's the idea Sean! We're can stream up to 320-quality audio and (once everything else is done) will be looking into high def streaming as well. Thanks for the feedback - hopefully eyeballs won't be too hard to get. We'll see!
@garnerwendt this is what I'm excited about; a true alternative to Spotify for dance fans, with the benefits of visuals for background entertainment. @rrhoover understand the concerns, but like Twitch I think initial growth can come through the DJ community; if the video is reasonable quality, then like Twitch there's an educational element as well as entertainment. DJs and artists have to be the beachhead, I think, before aiming for mainstream attention.
@rrhoover forgetting to make the point I wanted to... that streams are archived means there's alway content to choose even when the platform isn't a destination. It'll take effort and some subtle but clever onboarding, but I think it's an exciting development for the industry.
Great platform. Great on-boarding. Great founders. Great potential.