Weekly customized gum deliveries

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Max BeaumontMaker@maxpbeaumont · CEO, Beaumont LLC
Hey guys, I'm a founder here. Feel free to AMA! This is a side experiment of ours to see how people react to a service like this/if its something anyone would really desire to have.. Let us know if you have any suggestions. Cheers
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréPro@nikkielizdemere · SaaS Consultant & Community Growth
@maxpbeaumont Haha, this is awesome. I buy gum every time I'm at the grocery store. 😎
Max BeaumontMaker@maxpbeaumont · CEO, Beaumont LLC
@nikkielizdemere Haha thanks man! Let me know if you think anything needs improving! We’ll be adding in more options soon..
Alex Carpenter@hybrid_alex · Host of
@maxpbeaumont have you had a lot of people tell you they always forget to buy gum or something? Where did this idea come from?
Max BeaumontMaker@maxpbeaumont · CEO, Beaumont LLC
@hybrid_alex @maxpbeaumont Nope not at all.. Friend brought it to me and I thought it would be fun to roll with.. Really a side project but fun to see the reactions. Cheers!
Amir Sharif@amir_rezaa · RapPad
This is right up my alley, since I go through a lot of gum. However, my current solution is a re-occuring Amazon order. Some other notes: - Typo on the confirmation page: "We start delivery on Novermber 1st" - You should mention you're US only. (I'm Canadian)
Max BeaumontMaker@maxpbeaumont · CEO, Beaumont LLC
@amir_rezaa Thanks for the bugs! We will add the US only part as well. Any suggestion on a way we can improve this service to become something you would use instead of Amazon? (Besides coming to CA)