Chestry 2.0

Connect all your social media accounts and exchange them.

With Chestry you have the possibility to share all your social media accounts and much more. Search for friends or post things from Instagram, Twitter or Chestry to create a profile like it was never possible before. For more visit
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Hi Product Hunt, my name is Magnus and I'm the founder/developer of Chestry. I made some huge updates on Chestry, so I thought it would be worth it reposting it here. I hope you enjoy it, here is a more detailed list of features: - Privacy: We think that privacy is very important. That's why we wanted to create a safe place to exchange your Social Media Accounts with others. To reach this goal we are using modern security technologies like two factor authentication and hosting Chestry in Germany. - Search: Thanks to Chestry it can be enough to know only the name or one Social Media Account of a person to connect with him or her. - One Link: Having one link for all of your needs is fantastic. With Chestry you can collect all your Social Media Accounts and other things like phone number, age, etc. within one link. This is your personal Entry URL, which enables you to exchange your Accounts and find new contacts. - The Feed: Thanks to the Chestry Feed you are always up to date, if one of your connected friends changes something or adds something in his or her Entry, you will get notified in your Feed. - Posts: Repost things from Instagram or Twitter and show yourself at your best. In addition, you can write Chestry posts, which are a mixture of text, links and lists. Create a profile like never before by combining postings from different platforms on one page. - Linkbox: Add links outside the Index to the Linkbox and allow others to access your individual links. For more infos please visit Best Regards, Magnus
Love the one link feature! Such a great way to aggregate social content!
@lachlankirkwood hey Lachlan, thanks for your message, I’m glad to hear you like it!
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