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Chestnut provides a free wildfire risk analysis for any address in California. The underlying risk map we have implemented performs up to 50% better than US Forestry's Wildfire Risk Map at explaining wildfires.
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Hey Product Hunters! I am one of the makers of Chestnut. Chestnut is our response to the wildfire crisis in California. Five years ago, my co-founder (@nilgundag) and I started a company called UrbanStat. UrbanStat helps insurance companies to understand catastrophic or human-made events better using location intelligence, visualization, and machine learning algorithms. Companies like Sompo Japan, Ageas, Allianz, Safety Insurance, and many more are using our platform today to manage their portfolios, underwrite their customers, and design better products for people and businesses. Summer of 2018, we have decided to build a better wildfire risk map for California as we realized the current maps are doing a terrible job of explaining the wildfires California has been experiencing in recent years. Our initial plan was to provide this map to the insurance companies so they can understand the wildfire risk better. We quickly realized that the insurance companies are taking a different path. Instead of understanding the problem and mitigate the risk better, they are actually exiting the market by canceling out policies, increasing the premiums 2-10x, and not accepting customers. Another problem consumers are facing in the California market is even if you had insurance when the wildfire hit your property in 2018, there is a 50% chance you have still not received your payments. Chestnut is not a replacement for your home insurance. Our goal is to provide you a fast relief after a wildfire hits your property and help you reduce your homeowners insurance premium. Chestnut is an innovative insurance product that aims to pay you up to $20,000 within days after a wildfire hits your property. Our plan is to cover the following damages: - Damages to your house, personal property, vehicles, landscaping, and other structures - $100/day you are away from home due to forced evacuations up to 20 days a year - $100/day you spend in a hospital up to 20 days a year - $50/day your home is out of power up to 10 days a year We are working relentlessly to make Chestnut available before the next wildfire season. Until then, we wanted to open our wildfire risk analysis tool to the public. I am happy to answer your questions and any feedback is welcome! Thank you, Anil
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Great idea! Absent the ability to find an affordable plan will cause long term damages for homeowners. Congrats on this launch!
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@ercan_erciyes Thank you Ercan! It will take us for a while to launch the insurance plans but we didn't want to wait any longer to provide the wildfire analysis capabilities to the public. We really believe that understanding how much risk your property possess is the first step of the fight.