Match on events, not on Tinder! Valentine's Day Special

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Hello, Product Hunt! Lovely Valentine's Day to you all 😘 This is not what we are doing every day, but today we are excited to share this pet project with you! Basically, it's like Tinder, but you can swipe and match people within any Facebook Event you are going to. We love meeting new people at events and we thought we should make it easier to break the ice on parties. Quite often guys and girls don't know how to start a conversation at a party… Why so shy, ah? ^_^ Now you have something to talk about. We also wrote this article about why and how we built Cherrypick: Would love your feedback and ideas ^_^ P.S. We hope you'll match with someone special tonight ;)
@ksaitor Nice idea with event integration. Will try my luck today! Good luck!
I actually met my wife with an app I made 5 years ago similar to this. It would take all the events around me and put the on a map and then give me the list of people going. I would go to the parties where all the pretty girls were, and met my wife. Unfortunately it relied heavily on Facebook and it's API which they changed on us and made it not work. Are you relying on Facebook's API? Also what do you think of their new app within the Facebook app called Discover People? I personally like the UI and swipe like nature of your app.
@sean_murphy that's very exciting to hear! Congrats to you and your wife. Especially on this day 😉 Yeah, currently we are mostly reliant of Facebook API — we just wanted to test the idea 💡. Discover People — that horizontally scrolled list with people you should add to friends? Well, I don't think it really help you meet the in person haha.
@ksaitor Raman, how do I contact you about a similar product idea?
@sean_murphy hey Sean, just tweet at me @ksaitor or email Would love to connect!
Love all products release human from their phones.
lol i taught it was dating app