Cherry Tomato UWP

Pomodoro®-like experience as a native UWP app

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Cherry Tomato is the native Windows 10 version of Cherry Tomato for Chrome. The goal is providing best Pomodoro®-like experience to Windows users.



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Scott Bowler@scottbowler · DCS Worldwide
Bit confused about what this is / does?
Pregenun@pregenun · Wannabe desinger | I ❤ feedback.
@scottbowler the point of a pomodori timer is that it gives you 25 minutes to work and write in the meanwhile distractfull things down. After that you get a rest to rest down. You could find more on their website: Everything clear?
John CidoMaker@johncido · Founder, CIL
@scottbowler Sorry that this post caused some confusion here. Thanks for @pregeun help clarified some concepts here. Something different in this app is it provides pause and skip functions. So it's not as strict as the traditional Pomodoro® technique is. And it also provides the capability of creating different timer presets for various scenarios. So you can choose a mode that best fits your needs when you're working.
Davis@_davisnz · Founder at Digital Mix Agency
@johncido hmm... not reinventing the wheel FOR SURE. lol.
This app is beautiful!
John CidoMaker@johncido · Founder, CIL
@pori_alex Glad to know you like the design. :D At the beginning of this project, I've decided to implement the Design Guideline for Windows App, so it works well with the Windows. And the implementation of Fluet Design System is planned too.
Andreas Wagner@aemwe3007 · looking for..........😎
Smart, easy without any useless functions! ✔️
John CidoMaker@johncido · Founder, CIL
@aemwe3007 Thank you! (´^ω^`) And you're right. This app is designed to provide just the essential functions for implementing a more customized Pomodoro® technique.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
@johncido Excited about custom sequences! How do you recommend integrating the pause functionality into one's workflow? <-- May be unwise to trust myself w/ this kind of power.
John CidoMaker@johncido · Founder, CIL
@kkdub To be honest, I'd suggest using this function as less as possible. After all, this technique aims at unbreakable focusing periods. I added this function because that some small things might break the workflow for a short time but I don't want to count it as focus time. So when this kind of stuff happens, it'll be good to have timer paused.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
@johncido Any features here that are good for pomodori for teams in particular, especially remote teams?
John CidoMaker@johncido · Founder, CIL
@kkdub Sorry that I don't have experience of implement this technique for a remote team. I do suggest just use any project management tool. And let team member choose whether to work according to this technique or not. At first place, this app is designed to help you break down the big block of working time and grow your productivity with a proper amount of rest time. Integration with project or task management tools is in the development plan. But at this moment, I'm trying polishing this app to provide best Pomodoro®-like experience for users.