Cherry Pie

Chrome extension to craft the perfect pull request

Pull requests should be small, surgical, keeping only the minimum required updates.
This extension adds a button to Github's Pull Request page that extracts files from one branch into a new one, so you can submit perfect PRs, even if you didn't plan ahead.
I had a dream. And in my dream, I type: git log and actually able to follow the log of my git. I can track each change made by any team member, in an incremental and descriptive form, without the need of approaching personally to anyone and asking: “so what’d you do yesterday?”. I believe that if a workflow is not intuitive, then it is broken. A developer will always strive to do the best work, and she should be provided with the correct tools to reduce friction. After seeing that we are unable to follow the “one change — one commit” rule, I created this chrome extension to make the process intuitive. The results in our team? 1. We have much more PRs but they are very small and easy to review. 2. We can track our changes to the master branch and revert problematic commits without worrying that we are removing important changes. 3. We have complete transparency to the work made by developers and can track the progress of tasks.
Wow! Amazing!