Let employees take company perks in their own hands

Cherry lets employees choose their own workplace perks. With Cherry, employers cover their employees' favorite consumer services (ex: Netflix, Spotify, ClassPass, Lyft), instead of wasting money on perks no one uses like in-office yoga and ping pong tables.
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Thanks @amrlth for hunting Cherry We're excited to be on PH! 😊 Backstory: the idea for Cherry came to us after noticing the wasted time, money, and effort our companies were spending on perks that few used (ex: catered lunches that someone couldn't eat because of their allergies, in-office massages remote employees missed out on, or gym memberships people didn't actually want). After talking to hundreds of HR leaders & startup founders, we realized three things: 1. Large companies have entire teams managing spreadsheets and one-off vendor relationships in an attempt to provide options for everyone. 2. Small companies don't have the bandwidth to create programs like this. 3. A huge part of the problem in both cases is the sheer volume of unappetizing/confusing perk solutions out there that lead to analysis paralysis. How we addressed this: βœ… 1. We're low lift and lightweight - you can set up Cherry in minutes. βœ…2. Our marketplace is comprehensive and has options for everyone. βœ…3. Our solution is Slack-first - we cut through the noise and go straight to our users. Many new features and easter eggs coming soon. Looking forward to your feedback! 🌟 Deal for PH: 40% off your first year if you sign up before March 18th. 🌟 Fun fact: We’re sisters πŸ‘―
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Cherry is awesome!
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This is really cool!
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Good idea!
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Congrats @gillian_o_brien !!! Go Cherry!!
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