Chemex Ottomatic

Consistently perfect brewing with the press of a button

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I prefer the looks of the Ratio 8 but makes sense for Chemex to have their own version.
I'm on the market for a new coffee maker -- something that that requires very little effort to use and clean. I've heard great things about Chemex but if anyone has suggestions, please share.
@rrhoover It is hard to say right now compared to the Ratio Brewer that was posted on here previously I am hoping to be doing a podcast interview with the founder of the Ratio brewer here soon, so maybe we can see what he thinks compared to this one by Chemex.
@rrhoover The Blue Bottle guide for using a Chemex is SOLID. - I don't mind using a chemex the old fashioned way (lolz), without the automation. But this seems cool.
@thorpus I'm down with the old fashioned way as well. This looks like it really only saves you from pouring. Which is kind of the easiest part. Seems super overpriced for auto-pour. But it sure is pretty :)
@hybrid_alex @rrhoover yeah, I'm holding out for the @RatioCoffee. I may have seen one up close and personal and it's a thing of beauty.
@mscccc Yeah I'm like... pretttttttttyyyyyy.
The brewing parameters of the Ottomatic appear to to be well thought out, though I would expect the price point to be lower considering the materials. Personally, I wish they had done a modern redo of the old Chemex machine ( rather than a cousin the Wilfa brewer (which has a better form factor)... But that's just my $.02. I look forward to trying it out!