Book personal chefs at restaurant prices

Chefit is everyone's personal chef. For the price you'd pay to go out to a restaurant, you can have a chef come with fresh ingredients and cook one of their specialties in the comfort of your own home. Forget paying restaurant prices for wine too!
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I hope everyone is enjoying fabulous food with family and friends on this Mother's Day! I've been waiting for this day since we started this project in early March. Please share your thoughts! While most personal chefs stick to offering many-course meals and charge $75+ per person, Chefit chefs serve their main-course specialties starting at just $15 per person. At Chefit, we believe that broadening the use of personal chefs to include casual dinners will fundamentally create a restaurant alternative and unlock new opportunities for thousands of chefs. Would you try Chefit when we come to your area?
@mattredler Yes! I'm in the Philly area if that helps.
Fascinating. Will look into!
I would totally do this once a week if there were chefs in the Orlando area :)
@james_harrington thanks James! We'll be in Orlando before you know it
unusual idea! But if I have no professional dishes at home, the cook will bring your pans to me? and who then it will wash?
@sharonmathews22 the chef brings all necessary cookware! We use your serve ware (plates and utensils) so that the chef can leave before you eat and hit another dinner, which helps make our service affordable.
@sharonmathews22 Our chefs bring the pots and pans! No need to worry about washing the cookware