Chef Nightly

"I make dinner simple each night"

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Not serving NYC yet... Rather than make the app useless if your area isn't covered, which is going to cause me to uninstall, I'd rather get some of the "here's an idea" value, even if it doesn't tie in to actually ordering. That's where I see the value here, and think it should even apply to cooking instead of just ordering. I too play the back and forth, "I don't know what do you feel like eating" game pretty regularly, but solving that is more valuable to me than taking care of ordering.
@sammybauch NYC is coming asap. Amazing feedback! love the idea for out of delivery area users. Hopefully we are everywhere soon and don't have to worry about that user case much longer. :) Interesting idea for those who like to cook. We might stay focused on food ordering for a while though. But maybe those who like to cook might fit into the other side of our equation soon ;)
@michaelsheeley right on. had a friend approach me recently about an app for solving the "what do i eat for dinner" - he was more interested in cook vs. order, but I don't think anyone has solved that problem for cooking or ordering yet. So just have been thinking about the space recently, good luck, will keep an eye out for NYC!
Planning dinner each night is always a chore (I know well, as I experience the back-and-forth w. @amandakuzma on a routine basis). Rather than deciding to eat in or plan to find a spot for dinner, we choose dinner based on what we're in the mood for - i.e. American, Chinese, Thai, etc. Ordering on mobile is tough, as there's often too many merchants to choose from (if you live in NYC, you know this well) and in fact, many of the online ordering products today are sub-optimal as apps. Chef Nightly takes all the pain out of this decision, presenting you each day w. a selection of meals created by the "Chef" and easily ordered within a few taps. @michaelsheely and team just launched on both iOS and Android today, so we should give the group a big PH WOO! after such awesome work.
@amandakuzma @michaelsheely @daveambrose it seems like they used the Hello Fresh concept and gave it a shot in the arm. Excellent stuff.
How's this compare to Sprig/SpoonRocket? Does Chef Nightly make the food like Sprig; or is it just like EAT24 - i.e. just connecting you with restaurants? also who manages the delivery drivers?
This looks amazing. Pumped that you are in the Boston Area.
Where do you guys currently serve?
@choi_kl Right now we are only in the Boston area. Expanding nationwide in the US real soon