Chef Koochooloo

App that teaches kids maths and science through cooking!

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DEMO LOGIN : 'producthunt'

We are funded by the National Science Foundation and we're about to release a new section of our app that includes adaptive learning, please check out the link to a demo on the right! Our current app is available now on both iTunes and Android and it features many recipes from all over the globe!

  • Cynthia Wylie
    Cynthia WylieC.E.O. Bloomers! Edutainment

    Cooking and tech and geography included!



    I've seen the progression of Chef Koochooloo for over a year and it is a wonderful, educational product.

    Cynthia Wylie has used this product for one year.
  • Spoorthy Ananthaiah
    Spoorthy AnanthaiahProfessor, San Jose State University

    The app is fantastic. It is STEM platform and educating young students on science, math and geography through the cooking process.


    Different school has different requirements so how does chef k making thier product standout

    The app could be improved!

    Spoorthy Ananthaiah has used this product for one week.
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Kiki Mwiti
Kiki Mwiti@kikivmwiti
Super excited to see our children learn in a variety of far more interactive ways.