Instantly trigger a camera by sending Emojis on Messenger 😺

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Cheeze is super cool! Something I've been playing around with lately... The simplest way of describing it is: You can trigger a photo from a phone by sending an emoji on Messenger. Try it out with the phone we have set up at the Product Hunt office! Just send a cat emoji to @Cheeze on Messenger. Any of these should work 😸😺😹😻😽 Will make sure to keep the phone and app on in the morning so people can give it a try. @Hudson will be here throughout the day to answer any questions. And of course, you can set up your own camera and have people trigger it, just message @Cheeze on Messenger to get started.
@cheeze @hudson Update: you can now message @cheeze on Messenger (any cat emoji 😸😹😻😼😽) to get a live photo from Product Hunt office
@cheeze @hudson we just did a massive shirt giveaway on the ProductHuntTeam snap! Check out it, worked really well :) and we'll be doing them every Friday going forward πŸ™Œ
@nivo0o0 @cheeze @hudson Any idea what happened to Cheeze on Messenger? Just throwing errors!
@binoyxj - Hi, we have a spam filter in place where you will be blocked from saying Cheeze if you request a lot. Email and someone will have a look into it for you.
@hudson @cheeze Inboxed. Not sure if it's a spam filter issue. I’m being greeted with a message saying β€œThis person isn’t available at the moment.”
Awesome - nice one Niv! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’― Yeah Cheeze is a cool project we have been working on for a few months now, with so many BOTS out there we were keen to take it to the next level. Cheeze let's you trigger a Camera (Android) just by sending an Emoji on Messenger. During our pilot tests we ran it at fashion shows and private events and the reaction was amazing! Right now you can download the Android App to turn your phone into a Cheeze Cam, then simply Message Cheeze ( on Messenger to set it up. We have iOS, GoPro and 360 in Alpha at the moment and a few other chat channels coming in the next few weeks. Demo cameras are in place at our office and I am really keen to see what you guys think. If you have setup an active camera, place it somewhere cool and share your Emoji Code on here so we can all try it out - Say CHEEZE!
@hudson so what other emojis beside πŸ˜ΊπŸ‘€πŸ  will activate a camera? i have tried many others with no success.
@the_real_jw hey Jeff ✌️ - the idea of Cheeze is to get people to add their own cameras to the network and share their Emoji codes. As we grow there will be a directory of cameras you can trigger, we are also working with famous landmarks across the world where you will be able to say Cheeze too and trigger live pics. Thanks for the support Jeff πŸ‘
Alright, this is actually pretty cool - I just installed this at work and I've been distracted by it since.
Wow, this seems very similar (in intent, not actual functionality) to my own Looxie app! Only with Looxie, instead of asking for photos by activating a camera, you ask for a photo by dropping location-based photo requests to other people on the map! I have gotten some really cool photos that way (it's pretty addictive) and I'm pretty sure that your app is going to be huge fun too. Downloading now!