Cheetos Vision

An AI powered camera that turns your world into Cheetos

Cheetos Vision is a style transfer A.I. app by Cheetos that turns photos and videos into Cheetos. Interesting to see how big brands are adopting Prisma-style technology.

Eugenia Kuyda
Pradyumna Shembekar
Matthew Ray Chiang
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  • Pros: 

    fun game to play with friends. great animations


    videos take too long to process

    fun new camera app from Cheetos, similar to Prisma and other style transfer apps

    Eugenia Kuyda has used this product for one week.
Taking the "Hey, there's a Cheetos in your hair" to the next level 😂
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How high do you have to be come up with this? 😂 Congrats on the launch! 👍