Cheese Posties

Ready-to-grill cheese sandwiches in the mail

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Because buying white bread, cheese, and butter is too difficult these days.
@jackplantin Yea, it actually is, because I spend ALL MY TIME DEALING WITH MY APP'S CUSTOMERS! If only there was a solution, made just for me!
@dangolant Fair enough :) funny you mention a solution to dealing with customer support... just send them a ready-to-cook grilled cheese sandwich and they'll be too busy stuffing their face to deal with your app. Problem solved!
From their site: "The Uber of grilled cheese sandwiches" 😁
@rrhoover waiting for the Product Hunt of grilled cheese 😎
@alexarena 😂😂😂 you know, that just might work.
This is absurd! Also didn't realise us Brits had such an obsession with cheese sandwiches as the Murricans? I just really don't know how I feel about a cheese toastie being delivered to me in the post.
@bentossell I feel like I'd feel worse if it had been pre-heated and the cheese was congealed.
@riaface haha well clearly that would be the worst. A cold, pre-heated cheese toastie. Maybe drivers can have a toaster in their car/bike and heat it up just before delivering... What if the postman/woman is obsessed with cheese toasties and eats them?! What is more dogs chased postmen/women because of the increased delivery of food!
Everyone loves a good cheese toastie/grilled cheese, right? They're like the lunchtime treat of champions, so it stands to reason that some enterprising people would come up with CTaaS (cheese toasties as a service). This is essentially the Birchbox of sandwiches, and I fully endorse it. To avoid disappointment, please be aware that this is only available in the UK right now, but apparently they do have plans to expand internationally!
This sounds amazing, will have to give it a try to see exactly how the taste works out though!