Swipe to cheer a maker!

Discover Maker Goals from Product Hunt and send a cheer to the maker by swiping. This app was created for the Makers Festival 'API Edition'.
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Hi! πŸ‘‹ I wanted to submit an app to the Makers Festival 'API Edition' and had been recently trying out native app development with Also, I wanted to experiment with animations and the swipe gesture felt like a good candidate. The new Product Hunt API has an endpoint for goals, so I went for cheering makers. Do you like it? Any ideas for improvements? Thanks for reading and have fun!πŸ“±
Very wholesome app πŸ˜‡. Maybe swipe right should be cheer and left should be skip to make it more consistent with what other apps have.
@dkb868 Oh that makes sense, you’re right! I’ll update it soon and will probably add a small intro so that existing users are aware of the change.
Very interesting use of the Swipe feature, reminds me of Sharp app. Loading is very fast and transitions smooth πŸ‘
This app is so interesting.