Thank healthcare workers personally with a takeaway

CheersNHS lets anyone show their appreciation to NHS workers by buying them a takeaway.
Gifters see who they've matched with so they know who's day they've added some delight to, meaning instant gratification, and the NHS worker receives a takeaway voucher.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Big milestone! We've just hit the £1,000 in donation market within 24 hours of launching! 🥳🚀
Hey PH! 👋 We're all super excited to launch CheersNHS! We have toiled to find ways of helping our incredible NHS since Coronavirus hit and we're hopeful we've found a way to help the cause. With £1000 in donations after 24 hours, it's clear there's appetite (no pun intended) for others to show their support. We'd really love to hear your feedback and any improvements you feel can be made. Thanks for following the journey. 🚀
Awesome idea, well done team!
Great job everyone!
This is amazing work. Well done team!