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Hey PH, I helped to create Cheers, which shows you all the other groups of friends going out nearby and connects you for complimentary drinks when interest is mutual. We just announced a partnership with Absolut, in addition to Fireball Whisky, which means the first round of drinks is always on us! Order a round of Absolut Elyx cocktails and they might just come in a copper pineapple (see photos). Check out the app sometime and let us know what you think! Thanks so much.
Hey @samwdii - what's the difference between Cheers and Tinder Social?
Wish this was in my country
Hey @dkwendt thanks for asking! I think one issue with most "dating apps" is that they're very time consuming. With all the swiping, messaging, etc. it's almost like having a second job. With Cheers, there's a big "Pick A Place For Drinks" right in the group convo, which shows you popular venues nearby. Just pick one and an invite them out for drinks. Your concierge will confirm and leave a reservation plus complimentary round of drinks under your name! Screenshots: In addition, we find that because everyone on the app is going out with their friends, meeting up for drinks is a lot more natural, and requires way less time, effort, trust building, than going out all alone, to meet a complete stranger on a date.
It wasn't clear to me that this was a dating app. Thought it was for meeting friends. It was pretty awkward to send the invite to a friend and it said something like "Stan wants to meet girls with you" considering we both have boyfriends!
Really appreciate the feedback @stan, I'm sorry - that is a great point. I think we stay away from the "d word" (dating) almost to a fault because of the perceived stigma around dating apps, which is quickly eroding, and because we don't really consider ourselves one. But that should definitely be much clearer and obvious from a glance. I'm on it. Thanks a ton.