A bot that sends positive messages when people need them πŸ€–πŸ’›

CheerBot lives on Twitter and the thing he enjoys the most is spreading positivity πŸ¦„

β˜€οΈ CheerBot scans Twitter for people who are sad, lonely or in need of some positivity and sends them an encouraging message using some cool AI and machine learning tech.

😎 Can send you a positive message to kickstart your day (DM !daily)

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Not sure what I feel about hunting myself but here's a cool story: I've been working with teenagers as a product manager for over 10 years and one thing I learnt is that positive and encouraging messages can go a long way, especially in time of need and more so when it comes from your friends. Concepts like "you are not alone", "you are loved" and "we have your back" can be extremely comforting and meaningful and that's what CheerBot is all about: Spreading positivity for people who need it. I also expanded CheerBot to include self-encouragment in the form of positive messages that are being sent every morning to your Twitter DM inbox (around 7am-ish). The community reactions has been incredible (specifically one of them suggested I'll put CheerBot up here, which I thought it'd be cool). I have recently passed 4,000 cheers sent and roughly 200 people are getting positive messages to their inbox every day which is so much fun to see. From a tech perspective, CheerBot is built with Python, privacy and Twitter spam protection aware and runs on a server in my laundry room (pls don't hack washing machine πŸ˜…). I'm so grateful waking up in the morning and seeing all that positivity being spread around. Happy to take any questions. Much love πŸ’›
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Hi Dad πŸ™‹
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Looks awesome! Pretty sure you meant CheerBot in "What can CheetBot do?" on the page though :) Also a cool thing to do would be a way of sending cheers without Twitter. Like through a web interface or smth. For those people like me who do not have a Twitter account :p
@leva7 Love that MonsterCat logo, they are my favorite label by far 😊 Anyyyyhow, I really want to expand CheerBot and go beyond Twitter, lemme think about it πŸ˜‡ if you have any other ideas lemme know, I'm up for anything