Cheeky Chat

Live GIF messages that move

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Screenshots looks like this has taken some inspiration from Snapchat ;)
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@bentossell Maker here. it's exploding messages like snapchat, but the messages themselves are Live GIFs that you can play with by tilting your phone. It's a deeper way to express yourself and the person receiving the message feels more connection to you since they actually control the play back. Try it out and let us know what you think!
@dreborc I meant the design is like Snapchat on the screenshots. I'm not sure I understand the big draw vs a Snapchat reply to a friend?
@bentossell there are two: 1) The actual messages aren't photos or videos like snapchat, they're GIFs that you control so the messages tend to look hilarious 2) The really innovative part is that if you're replying to a Cheeky Chat you received and your friend is in the app, you hook up for a 12 second reaction video chat. The idea is nobody has large blocks of time to upkeep friendships like they want to, but in the exact moment that you're responding in a camera app you're willing to communicate. We connect you two without commitment since it expires after 12 seconds. It's a lot of fun!
@dreborc can't you do a reply snap that does the same as 2?
@bentossell it's bidirectional/synchronous like a skype video chat but limited to 12 secs
I'd love to hear what everyone thinks! we really value the PH community's feedback :) . Thanks @bentossell for getting the conversation started!
Very dedicated founders
what is this πŸ‘
@orliesaurus it's a funny photo messaging app that if you're reacting at the same moment your friend is in the app, we connect you for a short 12 second video call. it's a fun way to keep in touch with friends :)
@dreborc Oh okay I remember a similar app in the UK ( - sounds like you had fun :) good luck!
@orliesaurus I actually hadn't seen that before...thanks for the tip! checking them out now
This is really cool guys, keep up the good work! Love how it's a simple as snapchat so most snapchat users might feel right at home. Who do you think is the primary audience?
@drjid anyone who likes using expressive ways to communicate with friends! Audience trends younger because that cohort is more comfortable and willing to take pictures/videos