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This has one killer feature over Simple (IMO the gold standard of "web 2.0 banking"): Joint Accounts. People have been asking Simple about this for years and they have yet to deliver. On the flip side, the Cheddar app and name are a bit more whimsical than I'd like. A bank can be fun but I still want some sense of being serious.
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Hey Product Hunt, we're excited to put out a sneak peak of Cheddar. We really want to build a better checking account. It's a product that is so important to our finances but it hasn't seen too much in the way of improvement since it got put online in the 90s. Feel free to ask questions!
Not to be confused with the other Cheddar app.
What other advantages do you offer over Simple? How can I get cash out of the account?
@goeric We want to enable you to put together the best banking stack for you, with Cheddar as the command center. I have a travel rewards card from chase, a Wealthfront account, a savings account from Ally, and a joint account with my wife at Wells Fargo. Cheddar seamlessly puts all of these together into one unified setup. You can transfer money from a Cheddar account into a linked account using the app. We also give you a routing and account number that you can use to make transfers, just like a traditional checking account.
can i make and receive ACH and WireTransfers?