Split the bill with friends

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Maker here. This was my first shot at solving a real problem I had whenever I go out with friends. Always looking for feedback!
@joeycarmello I've heard many people complain about this problem and want to build an app to solve it, and I've also dealt with this problem first-hand! Have any big plans or ideas for growing the user-base, since I know many would find this useful?
There are quite a few of these apps out there at the moment. How is yours different?
@lozzagould The main feature I wanted was a way to actually get the money from my friends. Checkparty can send Square Cash requests and Venmo Invoices from within the app to close this loop. This saves time for me because I don't have to tell / share a pincode, my friends don't need to have an account or use Checkparty themselves, and they don't have to open Square Cash / Venmo and enter the value in manually. There are some little things I like as well: It's completely offline, and I'm building the OCR to be on-device as well. I like using my Address book to indicate who I'm with at the table. That said, this is definitely a V1 and has some rough edges. The OCR is under-developed and splitting (such as disproportionately) is not where I want it to be. I've checked out a lot of the other apps on the market, and is my favorite. They have OCR nailed down (though it isn't offline). I think it's suppose to be a good thing that I'm embarrassed by the attention this is getting at this stage. Hurray!
I think the key to winning in this space is integrating with the existing POS systems out there..not just providing them an ipad.
Do you include tax? That's a key issue because tax is added at the end. I suppose you can just up the tip.
@brackin There's a field to enter the tax amount yourself. I'm investigating ways to automatically determine the tax (based on locale, etc), but it will always be manually settable.